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My Car and Me

Welcome to my one and only page

On this page I am going to tell you about my cars and a little about myself. Maybe some day there will be two pages in this site but I am trying not to stress myself out. Thank you for your concern. E-mail me if you like the page. I am at auto_713@Hotmail.com

My Vette

Lets talk about my Vette. I own a 1988 Convertable Corvette. It is black and super clean. One day I was just driving around and I saw this Corvette for sell. I stopped and I just fell in love with it. I told my friend that I was going to buy it. For once I really think that my friend belived me. I say that I am going to buy alot of cars. That is why I was suprised to see that they belived me. Anyways, I have owned it sence June 2001. When I bought it the car already had a Force air indution kit on it, a K&N air filter, Comp. Mass air flow sensor, a chip, air foil adapter to the throdle body, and a shift kit for the automatic trans. I have installed a BBK 1000CFM thodle body, High performance throdle positioning sensor, accel cap & rotor, accel super coil, accel 8.8mm race wires, and a set of dual 3" stainless steal mufflers. The car is making around 350 to 400 HP. My Corvette also only has 48,000 miles on it. I love driving this car. It is definitly an eye catcher. I have in many acations have some one talk to me as we where waiting at the light. I have had comments like, I wish that I was riding around in that, of corse the thats a nice car, another girl said that she would ride with me and make my look good, and last many times I have had people yell at me saying something on the high way. I had my eye out for some good looking girls. I look forward to driving my car every day. I also love parking it in my lawn. That always makes a good pic. I plan on entering my car in some shows nect year. Winter is getting close for me. I live in New York. I can't wait for next summer. Black is not the easyest of colors to keep clean but when you have done it right there is no other color a corvette should be. I am sure that many people will disagree with that.

Now a little about me

First off, I am 21 years old. I am in the military and don't ask about the new war thing. I don't know ether. I have a pastion for cars. I love to clean my cars and work on them. My cars always come first to me. I am a mechanic in the military. I don't mind being in the military but I am always looking forward to the day that I get out. I live in Cicero, NY. I collect 1/18 diecast model cars. I have 43 of them right now. They are all over my room. I plan on in the future to own a Shelby Cobra. That is one of my favorit cars. I consider myself good with words and a busness man. If you are looking for a vette well I will sell mine if the price is right. I belive that almost everything is for sell as long as the price is right. I did say almost everything. I am always looking forward to meeting new people. Talking to people about cars is great. Well that is all that I can think of about myself right now. So if you did read this part, well I don't know what to say.


This is definitly the only way to cruse. I don't drive the car if I have to keep the top up. Even if it is cold out I leave it down. You just have to put on a sweater or something.